Table of Contents



Chapter 1: The Lay of the Land
Chapter 2: The Isle they left behind
Chapter 3: Going to York
Chapter 4: Getting Land
Chapter 5: The Early Arrivals
Chapter 6: Peel in 1820
Chapter 7: Temporary Homes
Chapter 8: Farming and Feeding
Chapter 9: Religious needs
Chapter 10: The Pre-Famine Wave
Chapter 11: The Famine Years
Chapter 12: Connell Baldwin
Chapter 13: Fading away
Chapter 14: The Fifth Line Graveyard




1: Irish Counties: page 12
2: Townships in the 1820s: page 18
3: Present-day Municipalities: page 23
4: Lot plan for Toronto Township: page 28
5: Father Gordon's Circuit: page 55

A: Biographies of individuals interred at Elmbank
B: Arrivals and Departures: 1806-1939
C: Clergy Biography
D: Summary of Elmbank parishioners, 1833-1932

(All illustrations, with the exception of that on page 34, have been reproduced from secondary sources. The Doherty House on page 34 is from a high-definition photograph provided by the Central Library, Mississauga)

Cover: GTAA picture, 4 September 2000

p. 08: York, 1804 (Elizabeth Frances Hale, Library and Archives of Canada, C-40137)
p. 09: Mouth of the Credit 1796, (Elizabeth Simcoe, Library and Archives of Canada, C-13917)
p. 27: Charles Doherty (Symons, T. H. B.: A History of Peel County to Mark its Centenary as a Separate County, 1867-1967, p. 275)
p. 31: Blazing a trail (C. W. Jefferys, Library and Archives of Canada)
p. 33: Kingston-York road, 1830 (James P. Cockburn, Library and Archives of Canada, C-12632)
p. 34: Doherty house (Mississauga Library Collection)
p. 42: Catherine Hearn (Bull, Wm. Perkins: From Brock to Currie: the military development and exploits of Canadians in general and of the men of Peel in particular, 1791 to 1930, p. 633)
p. 44: Bush Farm, 1828 (Lieutenant John Brainrigge, Library and Archives of Canada)
p. 54: Rev. Edward Gordon (Kelly, Rev. Edward: The Story of St. Paul's Parish, Toronto, 1822-1922, p. 58)
p. 56: Rev. Murtagh Lalor (Kelly, Rev. Edward: The Story of St. Paul's Parish, Toronto, 1822-1922, p. 58)


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