While the structure of this book remains similar to Glencolumbkille 3000 AD - 1885 AD, much of the material is new.

The original chapters on the Conollys, the Catholic Church in the Eighteenth Century, Fishing, the Humes, Education, the Ordnance Survey, the Musgraves and the Catholic Church in the Nineteenth Century have been greatly expanded to incorporate new information.

The original chapter on the Famine and Living Conditions has been enlarged info four chapters that describe the destitution during the years 1700-1900. The other new chapters are: Tenants, 1848-1867, listing all named in rent rolls of 1848, the 1850s and 1867, and in the Griffith Valuation; the 1851 Census, cataloguing over fifty extant records; The Making and Suppression of Poitin, tracing illicit distilling in the parish, 1765-1857; the Congested District Board, the organisation that helped alleviate some of the endemic poverty; and the entire 1901 Census.

The appendix on population now includes data to 1901. Five new appendices have been added that detail the activities in the parish of personnel in the various services: customs, 1759-1823; signal towers, 1804-; coastguard, 1821-; revenue police, 1830-57; and the constabulary, 1846-1900.

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